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The Third Space

THE CONVERSATION was founded by Jo-Ann Netto Shek, a literary lecturer at the English Language and Literature Academic Group at the National Institute of Education.


Jo-Ann created this book club to fulfill a missing space she recognized in the literary world – a place for communication on children's literature between the most influential figures in a child's life: their teachers, and their parents. 

THE CONVERSATION: "The Third Space." 

As readers, our take-aways from reading are very individual. Talking about and sharing these
takeaways is part of developing a culture of readers and reading. This is the work of THE CONVERSATION.

The Conversation is envisioned as a third space where home experiences, cultural understandings,
educational training of readers intersect through talk about literature as an art form. We won’t
really know how reading has shaped our thinking and our identities until we engage in conversations
about it. The casual nature of these conversations allows for an honest exchange of views in these
third spaces.

About Our Founder

My name is Jo-Ann. . .
Teacher educator,  author, and advocate.

Most of the time, you’ll find me in tutorial rooms or schools, working with teachers. Otherwise, it’s likely that I’ll be working with parents and children all in the hope of improving language and literacy practices in classrooms and homes. Part of this involves advocating for children and the books. 

Since 2000, I have been passionate about education and helping others improve their academic performance. I use a variety of teaching methods in my class to make sure that everybody feels welcome, engaged and excited to learn.




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